The next step

After taking the first step to solve a problem, what should I do?

08 June, 2016 in articles

After taking the first step to solve a problem, what should I do?

The first step was being willing to change something in your mind and changing your position from one of being a victim to another of being responsible of your life. The next step is to trust in the process and be vigilant of your thoughts. It’s time to know yourself better and observe how your mind works. It’s like a research where your main goal is to discover the blockages you have. Being vigilant means that you pay attention to your thoughts to “catch” them and listen to them very consciously.

This will help you discover the beliefs you have and the judgements you have told to yourself. A judgment can be “I’m not able to overcome this” “I’m stupid” or “this problem is impossible to overcome”. An exercise can be to write down those thoughts/judgements in order to know yourself better. You'll be surprised about how cruel we can be to ourselves when we are facing a problem.

After you have written your thoughts, read them and say to each of them "I want to change my mind about this" and give you a second to feel if that decision was honest. You might feel resistance and that's normal but the key of this exercise is to open your mind to change. It's like learning a new language, the more you practice the better you become.

Photo by Natesh Ramasamy