Psychotherapy can help you to...

  • Overcome personal challenges.
  • Integrate to a new country.
  • Reduce stress and find balance.
  • Know yourself better, develop and strengthen your resources.
  • Have better relationships with your partner, family, friends and colleagues.
  • Stop self criticism, negativity and low self-esteem.
  • Find hope after loss.
  • Overcome anxiety, depression and anger.
  • Enjoy the present and experience well-being.
  • Find meaning in your life.
  • Find the balance between work and personal life.
  • Heal from a traumatic experience.
  • Develop emotional intelligence.

Mind - body methods

In my practice I integrate research based methods where the body is a resource to work with the mind and emotions.

  • Mindfulness: learn to create mental space, observe your thoughts and live in the present.

  • Body awareness: become aware of the sensations of your body and learn tools to navigate stress and anxiety.

  • Emotional intelligence: identify your emotions and learn how to manage them wisely.