What is it?

Psychotherapy is a growth opportunity which aims to achieve a positive change in the way we experience life. It is the process of knowing our Self and connecting with our resourses, actions, thoughts and emotions to make new and healthier changes.

Psychotherapy can help you to...

  • Overcome personal challenges.

  • Integrate to a new country.

  • Reduce stress and find balance.

  • Know yourself better, develop and strengthen your resources.

  • Have better relationships with your partner, family, friends and colleagues.

  • Stop self criticism, negativity and low self-esteem.

  • Find hope after loss.

  • Reach your goals.

  • Overcome anxiety, depression and anger.

  • Enjoy the present and experience well-being.

  • Find meaning in your life.

  • Find the balance between work and personal life.

  • Heal from a traumatic experience.

  • Develop emotional intelligence.

Some of the methods I use

  • Redecision therapy (M. M Goulding & R. L Goulding): observe old unconscious decisions and consciously make new, healthier and better ones for you.

  • Transactional Analysis (E. Berne): understand how you relate to others and how others might relate to you and make important changes in order to have better relationships.

  • Body awareness: Become aware of your body sensations and needs and transform that awareness into actions.

  • Psychodrama (J. L Moreno & Z. T Moreno): be the protagonist of your life and use your creativity to understand scenarios that might repeat, then find new solutions to old problems.

  • Emotional work: understand the nature of emotions, get in contact with them and learn how to manage them wisely.


  • In Denmark

One hour session (55 minutes): 900 DKK

Discounts (studenst and unemployed) 750 DKK

  • Online Therapy from abroad: contact me for more information.

Ask me about special discounts and offers.