About Me

I am a psychologist and humanistic psychotherapist. I come from Venezuela and I live in Copenhagen with my husband since 2013.

Psychologist María Ovalles

Throughout my career I’ve learned that in order to help others I must first focus on my own personal and profesional growth. This is why my fundamental principle is to be responsible of my mind and then help others from the experience gathered. In this way I have developed empathy and closeness with my clients, to whom I accompany to discover their resources and to face and overcome the blockages that keep them from living a fully life.

My biggest personal and professional goal is to cultivate my inner peace and to share my learnings with others through different means, in this case, psychotherapy.

I am also very passionate about dancing and teaching flamenco, which adds value to my work because this has given my the integration between mind and body and experience about the use of the body as a means for communication and personal and spiritual growth.


  • Degree in Psychology - Universidad Arturo Michelena. 2007 - 2012 (Venezuela).
  • Integrative Humanistic Psychotherapy - Instituto Galene de Madrid. 2016-  2018 (Spain).
  • Workshops & talks at Østerbro Bibliotek in Copenhagen about mindfulness as a tool to spend quality time with the family. 2017 - 2018 (Denmark)
  • Psychodrama training at Escuela Venezolana de Psicodrama - (Venezuelan School of Psychodrama). 2010 - 2012 (Venezuela)
  • Volunteer at Foreningen Nydansker - 2016 - present (Denmark)
  • Volunteer at Røde Kors 2015 - 2016 (Denmark)
  • Member of SIP [Selskab for Interkulturel Psykologi] (Denmark).
  • Member of FPV [Venezuelan Psychologists Federation] Number. 11.177